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Sup guys, thanks for sticking around even though my posts have been kinda here and there lately.

I’m going to America at the end of this month!!!

I’ll be there from the 28th of January until the 1st of March, going around to a few different states but spending a good few days in LA, San Fran…

Hey guys! What should I do in the US? :)

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Best of luck to Jeff Rubin, who is leaving CollegeHumor (and New York!) to pursue other great things. He will be missed by us CH fans!!

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Chris Gethard in Bleep Bloop: Winter Olympics

Text 28 Aug

Woah hey guys, I suck! Forgot to update this tumblr for a while, it’ll be back on track verrry soon though - been catching up on recent Bleep Bloop vids as a most delightful form of procrastination :)

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Behind-the–Scenes: New Bleep Bloop Intro

Jeff Rubin teamed up with one of our favorite animators, Bill Bergen, for the new intro and Bill put together this short video of how he made it.

 It premiered on today’s episode!!! 

This is very cool!

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Bleep Bloop: Hunting [Click for video]

In games, the Circle of Life can be whatever you want it to be.

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